In life it seems that there are very few people who care as much about their work as you do, and who translate that caring into knowledge that students like me will be able to carry along their lives and help them in making wiser choices, especially about drug use. Dr. Dubitsky is not just a professor, she is a special one.

                                                                        Olga Arouca, Student, F.I.U.

             I am a full time psychology major at Florida International University with a 3.6 GPA.  I first had Dr. Sorah Dubitsky last semester for a course entitled The Psychology of Drugs and Drug Abuse.  This semester I chose to register for not one, but two classes that Dr. Dubitsky instructs.  Not only is she a wonderful teacher, but she also truly cares about her students.  She is interesting, fair, and highly intelligent. I find her classes to be an enlightening interactive learning experience. I have encouraged several classmates to enroll in her courses.

Susan Taft, Student, F.I.U.

            Dr. Dubitsky is a wonderful professor and resource, with a vast knowledge of information in her field.  Her ability to empathize with others, remain open-minded, and communicate candidly to all those that she works with makes her teaching style a refreshing and an enlightening experience.  I highly recommend Dr. Dubitsky to all who could use a helping hand in gaining a deeper sense of self and insight into others.

                                                Ingrid Bynes, Student, FIU

            Sorah has a special gift with words. She can take what initially appears to be a complicated concept, untangle the threads, and presto: a light bulb goes on!

Denise Cooper Ross, L.C.S.W.

            Sorah Dubitsky teaches with love, patience and wisdom, using her own experiences as examples, in a sacred, safe, and open work space.  She is empowered by love and grace.

Glenda Schwartz, Seeker

            I would just like to let you know that I have thoroughly enjoyed being a part of your class this semester.  I took something of use away from each class that will help me think more positive and to move into the light.  I was at the beach today and as I floated there in the big sea, I paid special attention to my breath, this to me is growth!  I will treasure the experience of being in your class.

Jennifer Barnes, Student, F.I.U.

            Dr. Sorah is a dedicated and loving teacher.  Her classes are an opportunity to look at oneself with love and patience.  She trusts the infinite to work through her in a very down-to-earth way that promotes honest introspection while being able to laugh at ourselves a bit.  She is able to present significant pieces of Truth in a way we can understand and apply to our lives. She doesn’t present herself as having climbed to some higher place on the spiritual journey; you get the impression she’s walking right along nearby. She is a light-bearer in this life you are living.

Steve Camp, Unity of Hollywood Board Member


             I can't tell you how much you helped me in just one session. I don't think I could have moved through (and released) years-worth of hurt and fear in such a short time without her help. Your guidance also helped me to understand my situation from a spiritual perspective and become more receptive to the higher wisdom that's always there. Thank you for sharing your gifts with me.  I really feel blessed to have met you." 

Derek C. 7/04 

            Dr. Dubitsky helped me understand some things about myself that have been instrumental in helping me implement personal change. She led me to profound realizations that have changed my outlook on life. I gained an immediate perception change that was invaluable."

SteveM. 5/04

            Thank you for helping me remember to breathe and balance my life. I will definitely keep you in mind for any seminars or conferences that might come up in the future.

Eileen Tannen, Entrepreneur

            Sorah is remarkably intuitive. Within minutes after telling her my problem, she quieted herself and within moments said, "you will be ok, but you will need surgery to fix the problem" Medical tests confirmed Sorah’s suspicions: I had a severely blocked artery preventing the flow of blood to my brain and it was urgent that I have emergency surgery.  I believe with all my heart that Sorah was divinely guided to help save my life.

Rebecca  M.

            Before I did the energy work with you, I had no idea what to expect.  I’d worked with a number of other so-called “energy workers” in the past and was less than impressed.  When you and I agreed to get together, I just figured I’d see where the session would go.  No expectations – or low expectations tied to my past experience.  But as Maharishi Majesh Yogi used to say, “Expect nothing and be pleasantly surprised.”
            Lo and behold, it was fantastic: truly uplifting and deeply moving at the same time.  You went into areas not only in my body but in my life that you could never have known about.  You touched on key issues that were plaguing me and important that I get a handle on.  The suggestions you gave about dealing with my sister in the aftermath of my mother’s death, the advice you offered about handling my relationships with my family, my ex, my son were so helpful.  Of course, I loved the Yiddish phrases you threw in every once in a while that brought it all home.  
            You are funny, smart, tuned in, dare I say psychic.  You have the touch!  I know I told you I felt you are a true healer but, I must emphasize that this is a rare accolade reserved for only one or two people I have encountered in my 50+ years.  You have helped me more than you know.

Carol G.

My spouse and I have been doing really well. I feel as if we are on a new relationship because we are learning from each other.  



             Oh Sorah, you have touched my soul with your writing! I am very honored and privileged that you are sharing your stories with me. And you are courageous to share so openly and honestly. But, this is also the very thing that so many women will be able to relate to.  I wish I new of Miracle Journeys and read these as you published them.

Jan Hoppe


             Dr. Sorah Dubitsky is a living example of man's creative effort to bring healing and peace to the lives of many and to create one family free of conflict and destruction.

            Bernard Siegel, M.D., Best-selling author

            Dr. Dubitsky teaches people that inner peace is found in the moment to moment process of choosing to view the world through the lens of love.

Gerald G. Jampolsky, M.D., Best-selling author

            Sorah Dubitsky’s approach to life is totally authentic and spiritual.

Georgette Poland, L.M.T.

            To be able to bring peace into your life, they say you must first let in the light. Sorah Dubitsky is that light.  

Melanie Brasted, Publisher